Peru: Farewell

Today, I crossed over to Bolivia, thus ending the largest stage on my journey so far: in the wonderful country of Peru, I cycled for 2890 kilometers and 38.804 height meters.
At times, the people with not exactly rude, but unsociable manners, and especially the aggressive dogs gave me a rough ride. But the marvellous landscapes rewarded all efforts: the elegant waterfalls in Amazonas, the deeply coloured desert valleys and impressive mountains in the central highlands, the mighty ruins of Kuélap and Choquequirao.
I made the experience of opening the tap and waiting vainly for water, lived without electricity for days and – I learnt to do without these modern blessings. I met people who admirably stand the inconveniences of daily life, who curiously welcomed the stranger, who cited their poems for me at nighttime. I was often deeply impressed by their attitude towards things: much more than their scarce belongings they value personal contact and a happily shared time.