High Falls

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I’ve just arrived in the right moment: the next day was the excursion of the tourism cooperativa Caretur to the Catarata de Yumbilla, one of the five highest waterfalls of the world.
Together with Ron and a german-american couple volunteering for the Amazon Waterfalls Association (see there for further information on the waterfall), I was the only „westerner“ among 50 locals; we passed a great time together on the three hours walk: some knew all about eatable plants in the wood, and I tried the delicious berry Mosgal and Agrillo, a type of sorrel (Sauerampfer). The waterfall was impressive: a high fall (in total 895m) and then a little stream dripping over the edge of a richly coloured basin.
With welcoming hospitality we were invited to almuerzo in the mountain village Cuispes afterwards and to the vivid feedback discussion.
The Catarata de Gocta, which I went to see in a 1,5 hours walk through thick forest the next afternoon, is still more famous and has a different character: falling in two drops, the upper one a torrential stream, the lower one a mild curtain of mist in ever changing formations. I watched the fascinating structures for one hour until dawn and spent the night in a family’s home in Cocachimba.