Farewell, Argentina!

„The problem is not the litter along the highway but the highway itself.“

After these months in the andenean Altiplano of Peru and Bolivia, coming to Argentina, the cultural differences were striking. To name a few:

  • people live a european lifestyle: picturesque houses, heavy trucks and nice cars, elegant clothing.
  • much more individual traffic on the streets, and the roads have side rails.
  • people smoke, but do sports and like the outdoors: every village has a municipal campground.
  • all shops are closed in siesta time between 1 and 6 p.m. and on sundays. Life is expensive but the blue dollar business buoyed me up.
  • due to the public wifi in all central plazas there are no cyber cafes. Travelling without electronic devices, I felt like back in the middle ages.
  • No one tries to trade in my white cap anymore.
  • I can eat icecream without worries.

Cycling there, I often had the impression that the adventure is over. But then came el Paso Agua Negra
I cycled in Argentina for 1.538km, climbing 11.935 altitude meters.