El secreto de sus ojos

When I started my journey, I had a rough notion of the landscapes I wanted to discover, of the sportive achievement the cycling would mean for me and of the different cultures I would get to know along the way. In this past month, I learnt that in the first place, travelling is about human encounters.

In every moment of life, we are part of a large network of human relations, which builds up our world. Travelling means discovering new worlds. And thus means knitting new networks, finding oneself interacting in new contexts with different unspoken expectations of behaviour.

Today, I found a farewell notice of Nancy Estella in my wallet. Reading it, I understood that my journey will not only possibly alter myself, not only broaden my view of life, but that it impacts or, say, leaves traces in the lives of the persons I meet as well. Everyone takes from me, the traveller, what he wants to take, be it only a greeting when passing by, be it some conversation on the differences of climate or an exchange on or of lifestyle habits in our mutual cultures, be it a new perspective on known things, or be it the undetermined desire for the more in life we all feel at times when caught in the daily routine.

…que mi identidad no está definida y no me preocupa por que al parecer nunca se define y eso me da el permiso para equivocarme, experimentar y acertar en el camino de sentir y ser yo.

Cuando intentaba con nuestro idioma, para el era practicar para mi era comunicarme, era encontrar en mi la estrategia para que me entendiera no por solo significado de una palabra sino lo que hace sentir esa palabra…

Entendí: · No todo tiene explicación. · Las mejores cosas no se tocan, se dejan libres, para que otros la tengan también. · Solo lo que no queremos se olvida. · Es mejor no tener secretos. · La pregunta no es por qué? Es para qué?

· Quedarse es otra forma de partir.