Dia de la Madre

Día de la Madre

The Día de la Madre is very important in Colombia: while it became a commercial formality in western countries (according to Wikipedia, the average german man spends 25 Euros for flowers, but ships them by mail), here it is an occasion where the whole family meets with small gifts and homemade cake. It seems to me that the common machismo of latinoamerican societies only hides superficially the true power of women: the centre of a family are always the women, those responsible for the children and thereby the future, men are nomades passing by. When taking the photo, I, misled by the french word gateau, asked to show the gato which means cat in Spanish. This may explain some of the serenity of this joyful picture.

The day ended late with cheerful playing on the street and the ad-hoc reparation of a broken-down car to allow for the home trip.