Belalcázar, the native town of Nancy Estella, is a nice pueblo with old wooden houses typical for rural regions of the zona cafetera and particularly famous for its tall statue of Christo de Rey. Unfortunately, instead of various experiments dropping coins (according to the formula h = 1/2*g*t^2 from an energy ansatz), we were not able to determine exactly its altitude due to the lack of a precise chronometer.
A visit of the family of Noelia gave me the opportunity to understand first hand the art of growing coffee plants in symbiosis with palms (to prevent soil erosion and pest infestation) and the further processing.


During a little walk in the village, I was particularly impressed by the silence and the great view from the cementerio at the top of a little hill, where the tombs were only marked with hand-written wooden crosses. It is the attitude that all life is preliminary, a moment in time, leaving nothing substantial but recuerdos for the descendants.