At home in Cartagena


After a good rest I was about to leave the quarter, which seemed too expensive for my standard, when I met Señor Vidal, the owner of the hotel Tintorera („blue shark“). Friend of a friend of mine in Germany, he had stored a parcel for me (containing my camping equipment) for more than a month. What a lucky encounter! He invited me to reside in his hotel during my whole stay! And for three days it became my home in Cartagena: I enjoyed the private, friendly atmosphere in the modern surrounding, the comfort of an air-conditioned room and the proximity to the centro histórico. Crossing one road in my bathing suit, I watched the beautiful sunsets on the milde waves from the sandy beach. With his unperturbed candor and his hearty humor, Señor Vidal set his mark in my journey. Muchas gracias por todo!